World citizenship council offers free citizenship coins

World Citizenship Council (WCC) in an effort to promote new digital technologies will offer free citizenship coins to its members.

Citizenship coin is a first of its kind stable non-volatile digital currency for the investment migration industry. The value of citizenship coin  equals on euro.


Citizenship coins


The idea of cryptocurrency tied to fiat currency (euro) is very interesting.  Citizenship coin do not use intermediaries (such as banks) as it is involves peer-to-peer payment.

Few CBI consultants and real estate developers accept Bitcoin but the problem with bitcoin is extreme volatility. Today it could be $10K and next week it could plunge to $5K causing extreme losses to those who accept. Thus volatility erodes the value of currency and cannot be used as a real digital currency.

One solution is a coin tied to a real fiat.  Citizenship coin could well be ahead of time, and it wont be long the industry catches up with it. It took Bitcoin almost 8 years until the world began to realize the value of Bitcoin.

The whole idea of citizenship coin is freedom to buy citizenship with it and become a world citizen.


More information about citizenship coin is available here:


How to receive free coins?


  • Register as a member (free)
  • Download and install the Wallet software for Windows or Mac. (scroll to bottom on the link)
  •  Run the software and follow the instructions
  •  Click receive > Request payment (leave other fields empty)
  • Copy the wallet address and contact us
  • We will send you upto 1000 free citizenship coins.