Malta IIP for High-net worth families

Over the years, Malta has welcomed many foreign nationals who visit our country for leisure or work purposes. The recent economic boom is attracting an unprecedented number of foreigners who decide to relocate to Malta to seek economic prosperity and a better future for their families. Malta is also attracting HNW individuals through the IIP; individuals who bring with them a wealth of talent, knowledge and business acumen to the island.


Nowadays, more high net worth individuals are seriously weighing their options of resorting to global mobility to seek a better future for their families or expand their business interests. This created an economic niche for citizenship by investment programmes. Malta has embraced this opportunity and designed a programme intended to attract applicants who can share their talent, expertise and business connections.


The Individual Investor Programme (IIP) is intended to expand our horizons and bring to Malta people not only willing to invest, but who believe in our potential even though we are a small island state.


Although the IIP has only been running for the last four years, it is considered to be the world’s best citizenship by investment programme. We credit much of this to the multiple layers of our due diligence process which is centred on leading us to just the right people. We advocate transparency and good governance in the way we administer the programme. Notwithstanding, we will not sit on our laurels and will continue improving our systems to reflect the ever-changing market landscape.


The IIP has put Malta squarely on the map, generating a global all-time-high interest in our market for possible mutually beneficial partnerships to flourish. Malta is now also in a position to start making good use of the investment that the programme has directly generated. Malta is also acutely aware that the programme’s success relies on its robustness and high regulatory standard. Like all service industries, the strength of the programme will always rest on its reputation; one that is guarded with high due diligence standards and regulatory oversight. Malta’s way forward will never rest on a lax attitude but striving to have the most rigorous process of checks and balances, as only in that way will we ensure that the right talent is attracted to our shores. 


Experience shows that most of the applicants were not headline-grabbers or known people, but hardworking, self-made individuals with a strong global network. Although the IIP has been running for just over four years, it sits amongst the world’s best CIPs. Indeed, Malta is the ideal destination for all those who hope for a better future and seek a superior quality of life with high standard of educational and medical services. 


Our aim has always been to carefully select, through the right checks and balances, the right global citizens who will see Malta as their natural home and the place from where they choose to shape the world of tomorrow. Malta offers excellent opportunities to applicants of the IIP and their families, including a high SOL (standard of living), a stable political system and a robust economy.


The IIP is your chance to be part of Malta’s success story.



The Individual Investor Programme of Malta