Montenegro Special Citizenship Acquisition Program

Montenegro has launched a special citizenship by investment program for foreign investors. The citizenship scheme requires investors to invest EUR 250,000 in business or real estate, in government approved development projects.

The CIP is capped to admitting 2000 foreign investors, subjected to passing due diligence checks.

There is a EUR 100,000 government fee per family application.

The CIP will officially start on Oct 1, 2018.

The Government will appoint licensed authorized agents.

Montenegro passport has visa free access to 125 countries including EU schengen states, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Israel, South Korea, United Arab Emirates. The passport ranked #43 powerful passport in the world.

The new special citizenship acquisition program is part of the Government’s ongoing effort to attract foreign direct investment. ¬†Government expects this programme to result in the increase in economic activities and capital movement.


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