The Global Residence and Citizenship by Investment Programs 2018

The Global Residence and Citizenship by Investment industry is set to reach $20 billion by 2020. There are estimated 30 such schemes running worldwide and there are competition between countries to attract wealthy families from China, South Africa and developing countries.


According to WealthX, it is estimated that HNW population is set to grow by 40% and investment migration will play a key role to bring foreign direct investment.


Portugal, Greece, Cyprus have been struggling with economy and debt few years ago, introduced golden visa schemes, and now economy has recovered and GDP is growing in positive direction.


Thailand Elite is the cheapest residency program, while UK, New Zealand has the most expensive residency program in the world. Cyprus has the most expensive citizenship investment scheme in the World.


We have compiled a full list of Citizenship by investment (CBI) and Golden visa schemes currently available.


Minimum Investment Permanent residency
United States $500,000 Residency
Canada $1,200,000 Residency
Australia $1,500,000 Residency
United Kingdom £2,000,000 Residency
Antigua and Barbuda $100,000 Citizenship
Dominica $100,000 Citizenship
Grenada $150,000 Citizenship
St. Lucia $100,000 Citizenship
Malta €1,100,000 Citizenship
Cyprus €2,000,000 Citizenship
St. Kitts and Nevis $150,000 Citizenship
Moldova €100,000 Citizenship
Montenegro €350,000 Citizenship
Vanuatu $150,000 Citizenship
Samoa $1,000,000 Citizenship
Turkey $1,000,000 Citizenship
Bulgaria $1,000,000 Citizenship
Jordan $1,000,000 Residency
Cambodia $250,000 Citizenship
Portugal $350,000 Residency
Greece €250,000 Residency
Malta (GV) €250,000 Residency
Spain €500,000 Residency
Italy €500,000 Residency
Netherlands €1,250,000 Residency
Latvia €275,000 Residency
Luxembourg €500,000 Residency
New Zealand $2,000,000 Residency
Ireland €1,000,000 Residency
Thailand $15,000 Residency

Golden Visa Citizenship