Due Diligence Firms for Citizenship by Investment

Due diligence is the corner stone of the CBI industry and over 90% of the work involved in approving CBI applications is involved in due diligence and background checks involved in vetting of applicants, before a citizenship and subsequently a passport for travel is granted. Governments and agents cannot do it alone for applicants coming from every corner of the world, and this where third party due diligence firms can help and play a crucial role in vetting.

CBI Agents should not hesitate to avail the  services of due diligence firms if you suspect the client has a shady background and therefore we highly recommend the companies below for due diligence report.

1. Exiger

Exiger the global regulatory, financial crime, risk and compliance company offers Immigration, Citizenship & Visa (ICV) due diligence practice. It also assists organizations worldwide with practical advice and technology solutions to prevent compliance breaches, respond to risk, remediate major issues and monitor ongoing business activities.

In 2017 Exiger launched Immigration, Citizenship & Visa (ICV) due diligence practice with the acquisition of IPSA’s Investigative Due Diligence Practice.  The acquisition includes IPSA International, Inc., IPSA’s Canadian subsidiary located in Vancouver, BC (IPSA Canada) and IPSA’s London, Hong Kong and Miami offices and employees.   IPSA Canada has principally performed due diligence related to immigration, citizenship and visas. IPSA is considered an industry pioneer in work related to Citizenship by Investment programs and a trusted leader relied upon by many of the largest and fastest growing programs in the world.


2. BDO Consulting

BDO performs comprehensive due diligence on individuals and entities in order to alert clients to risks, disclosure issues, and potential negotiation points. Our multidisciplinary project teams provide support tailored to meet clients’ individual needs, from M&A dispute resolution and tax planning to financial due diligence.

BDO’s dedicated team conducts investigations on behalf of government programs worldwide delivering cost-effective investigative reporting and analysis in a manner that protects the integrity of the citizenship program and the reputation of the granting nation.


3. Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters comprehensive reports offer detailed, discreet, and ethical business intelligence, powered by World-Check risk intelligence. Enhanced due diligence (EDD) is used by global organizations to mitigate and protect against reputational damage from higher-risk customers.

The Accelus IntegraScreen Premium Report for Economic Citizenship offers a comprehensive enhanced due diligence insight into the individual applying for citizenship within this framework.  Verification of the individual’s education, previous employment history and passport validity through World-Check’s passport check. In addition, we will confirm their purported asset register, their claimed business affiliations, and conduct searches for adverse information in the media and via the internet. Global compliance checks, and litigation, bankruptcy, regulatory and law enforcement checks will complete the report.

Enhanced Due Diligence reports are often used for:

  • For third party risk
  • Before mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures
  • When automated risk information screening reveals risk
  • For immigrant investor or economic residency programs
  • When on-boarding high net worth or high profile clients
  • As a key component of a comprehensive compliance program
  • For screening distributors, supply chains, intermediaries, and multinational companies
  • To enhance an existing compliance process, where risk assessment resources are stretched
  • For Politically Exposed Persons, bribery, corruption, labor practice, and financial crime screening
  • Where geopolitical risk information analysis flags a transaction or individual as linked to a high risk jurisdiction or country


4. Wealth X

Wealth-X Diligence provides a unique combination of in-depth intelligence on individuals spanning all levels of wealth for organizations looking to meet regulatory or best practice requirements, and mitigate reputational and commercial risk.

With increasing regulation and trends toward greater transparency, understanding source of wealth is a cornerstone of due diligence. Wealthx offers a solution designed for KYC compliance, the Wealth-X Diligence dossier incorporates the elements of anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) checks to ensure that you meet your regulatory responsibilities and understand any risks


5. Bishops

Bishops is a global due diligence firm that specializes in citizenship investigations.  Bishops Services is the oldest privately held investigation and corporate due diligence firm in the United States. Founded in 1898, Bishops uses its decades of experience to bring insight, accuracy and timeliness to its investigations around the world.

Bishops conducts in-depth research to gather confidential and timely information about the business history, resources, credentials and reputation of parties of interest. A Bishops Due Diligence Investigation uncovers:

  • Identity Risks
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Criminal Records
  • Financial Crimes
  • Links to Organized Crime
  • Civil Litigation
  • Character Issues
  • Omissions of Material Information
  • Inflated Qualifications


6. S-RM

S-RM works with some of the world’s leading investment banks, wealth and asset managers, insurance companies, and securities firms to help them meet evolving regulatory and operational demands. Assisting clients faced with a range of threats, from money laundering, terrorism financing and fraud through to reputational damage, political risk and cyber attacks.


7. Intelect

Intelect company is headquartered on the Isle of Man and has an in depth understanding of what is required for a Customer Due Diligence enquiry. The company offers  initial screening  to verify name, address, directorships and also provides EDD report

Intelect also offers cyber risk analysis such as

  • Internet Investigative skills training
  • Expert online research capability
  • Data Threat Analysis
  • Prevention of Corporate Data Breaches
  • Personal online Security advice and consultancy
  • Deep & dark web investigations
  • People tracing


8. Globe detective agency

India’s leaders in the field of private investigations and security solutions across India, consistently delivering high-quality services since 1961.

The company provides screen and risk analysis of individuals and corporates with the following services in India

  • Asset Search & Verification
  • Background Screening
  • Due Diligence of a Company
  • Due Diligence of an Individual
  • Forensic Investigation Services
  • Insurance Claims investigation
  • Integrity Check & Post-Employment Verification
  • Intellectual Property Rights & Infringement of Trade Mark
  • Litigation Support
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation



9.  Harod Associates

Specialist international law enforcement and due diligence firm Harod Associates provides strategic advice, policy support, governance, risk compliance, audit and training services to both government agencies and public entities in many jurisdictions.


For Governments:

  • international due diligence
  • business partner intelligence
  • AML and money laundering investigations
  • fraud, embezzlement, misconduct
  • anti bribery and corruption research
  • monitoring, enhanced reporting and transparency of third party agents and the supply chain

CBI/RBI industry

  • value for money know your client (KYC)
  • verifiable due diligence products presented in a clear, actionable format to facilitate decision making
  • continuous monitoring, updates and red flag alerts
  • on going advice/training on international RCBI industry compliance and transparency matters