Instant Citizenship for Hotel Buyers

A new Hotel Citizenship (HC)  platform has been introduced to the CBI industry, a revolutionary new idea to connect hoteliers and buyers, with the citizenship perk. The new technology innovation is expected to take CBI industry to another level, which already attracts billions in hotel investment.


The platform introduces decentralized the hotel ownership to public by selling rooms in a luxury five star hotels and resorts. This also includes holding equity shares in hotels. This means buyers of hotel rooms or shares in 12 countries in Europe/Caribbean will qualify for citizenship. Turkey is the latest country to introduce a citizenship by investment program for real estate buyers.


Hotel Citizenship


This platform works similar to Airbnb which targets hotel rentals. Unlike Airbnb the platform target hotel buyers.


Citizenship in exchange for investing in Hotels have become a new trend in recent years.  There are currently close 10 countries that offer instant passports for investing in hotels and resorts.


Prices for hotel rooms start from $200,000 for hotel rooms with fully deeded title.  Villas and holiday homes are priced at $1 million and upwards.



Moldova – EUR 250,000
Montenegro – EUR 250,000
Cyprus – EUR 2.15 million



Antigua and Barbuda – USD 200,000
Dominica – USD 200,000
Grenada – USD 220,000
St Kitts and Nevis – 200,000
Saint Lucia – USD 300,000



Turkey – USD 250,000


Investors buying hotels will receive

– Instant Citizenship and passport
– Benefit from rentals
– Carefree property management
– Resale of hotel room anytime


As with rental benefits, for example buyers of hotel rooms will receive $2000/month for first 4 years and fifth year onwards 50-60% of hotel booking earnings



HC platform connects hoteliers and buyers direct without any intermediaries. This way buyers dont have to worry about highly inflated property prices sold by agents or intermediaries.


Buyers: Free
Sellers: No cost


We get fully compensated by hotel sellers. Buyers are not required to pay any commissions to us.


Registration is completely free. We invite investors and CBI property developers to join our platform is a startup launched in July 2019 currently in test phase. The full launch will be in 2020.  Please visit for a demo