WCC supports equal rights and opportunities for migrants

World Citizenship Council (WCC) supports equal rights and opportunities for migrants worldwide. We stand together against discrimination and racism against migrations.


Migration offers new hope and new life

Say No to discrimination and racism of migrants. Show Respect!

We support equal rights and opportunities to migrants


The Impacts of Human migration on the world economy has been largely positive.


  • Research shows migrants are major drivers of economy providing essential skills for jobs.
  • Migrant owned businesses contributed to state taxes
  • In 2015, migrants, who constituted 3.3% of the world population, contributed 9.4% of global GDP
  • Opening up all borders could add $78 trillion to the world GDP, says CGD
  • $14 billion remittances made by migrants annually.


Migration is a basic human right. When animals and birds have this freedom of movement, humans build walls and borders restricting their own kind.


WCC supports freedom of movement, easing of visa restrictions, equal citizenship rights and ending racism in immigration


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