Malta will not take shortcuts with due diligence

Read our exclusive interview with Mr. Jonathan Cardona, CEO of Malta Individual Investor Program Agency.

Malta IIP

Mr. Cardona explains the in depth explanation of vetting applicants. Every application is scrutinised in the following seven categories under a risk matrix.

Here is a quick summary of the interview

  1. Malta has the best due diligence system in the world and does not have the philosophy of cutting corners when it comes to due diligence.
  2. The Individual Investor Programme (IIP) has attracted about €1.4 billion euros into the economy of Malta.
  3. IIP Applicants had to apply for schengen visa, vetted through the VIS or SIS systems, where other countries have window of opportunities to look into the subjects.
  4. Malta is planning some regulatory changes that provide more flexibility with timelines and deadlines for providing documentation due to Covid-19, but wont compromise on high standards.

The full interview is available here