Council proposes policy changes to Vanuatu Government

The World citizenship council proposes major policy changes to government on the citizenship by investment programs to preserve its visa waiver agreement with the European Union and protect the free movement of all the citizens..

The European commission has proposed partial visa waiver suspension regard to all citizens of Vanuatu holding an ordinary passport issued by Vanuatu as of 25 May 2015

The following policy changes proposed to strengthen the CBI program are.

  1. Admit only applicants who have had schengen visa issued (thus already passed the security checks done by european commission)
  2. Blanket ban on applicants under EU blacklist and sanctions ban (eg. Iran, North Korea etc)
  3. Appoint atleast three international due diligence firms for vetting (internationally renowned firms)
  4. Apply enhanced due diligence checks on High risk and PEPs.
  5. Reduce validity of passport issued to 5 years (and do second vetting upon passport renewal to prevent abuse)
  6. All family members must go through additional due diligence checks (charge additional fee)
  7. Impose genuine link ties to the country.
  8. Impose short residence requires and visiting the country
  9. Remove confusion and operate only one donation program
  10. Train compliance officers with screening and background checks.
  11. Seek advice and cooperation with other countries operating CBI program. (eg. Malta is well known gold standard vetting)
  12. Improve refusal rates who fail security checks

We hope these WCC proposals will help the Government of Vanuatu to prepare a counter response to the commission to on partial visa waiver ban.