A new tool has been launched to compare the prices of citizenship by investment (CBI) programs, making it easy for citizenship buyers look for the cheapest and most affordable CBI schemes.   Family members have a big impact on the pricing of citizenship by investment schemes.   This new price comparison tool will show you the estimates of prices for 10 countries for donation route and real estate route. The breakdown of estimated fees will
Globalisation has changed the world to unprecedented levels.  Before 1920’s there was no requirement to carry passports to travel around. It was only after the WWI passports were introduced to control mass migration. Today passports have come a long way achieving gold status.     We live in a world where the unthinkable happens! Billion dollar startup like Airbnb, Uber dont own piece of real estate or cars, yet they control most of the world’s
World Citizenship Council
The World Citizenship Council (WCC) is proposing the following recommendations to Citizenship Investment Units (CIU) and Governments related to CBI and RBI schemes to improve the policy and governance of such schemes..   • Take all measures protecting the integrity of the CBI and RBI schemes restoring the confidence among investors. • CIUs are required to make latest updates in their official website and social media pages, related to changes/amendments in CBI act, pricing etc.
The World Citizenship Council (WCC) has published code of conduct and business ethics for members of WCC.   WCC members must conduct themselves in a professional manner and following good business ethics and code of conduct, to protect the integrity of the investment immigration industry.   Be honest to clients and speak truth Provide lawful advice Provide advice in the best interests of clients and their family Adopt fair pricing model Communication is the key
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CBI schemes are often misunderstood, leading to believe these schemes facilitate tax evasion or present risks to crs reporting.   While residence based taxation is quite common in many countries, physical presence is the main test. Some jurisdictions, determine tax residency of an individual based on ownership of a home or availability of accommodation, family, and financial interests. Some even levy tax on worldwide income based on permanent residence status of a resident.