Read our exclusive interview with Mr. Jonathan Cardona, CEO of Malta Individual Investor Program Agency. Mr. Cardona explains the in depth explanation of vetting applicants. Every application is scrutinised in the following seven categories under a risk matrix. Here is a quick summary of the interview Malta has the best due diligence system in the world and does not have the philosophy of cutting corners when it comes to due diligence. The Individual Investor Programme (IIP)
IATA publishes latest visa restrictions and travel information affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)
For the first time European passports from Nordic countries dominated the best passport rankings for 2020. Our first edition of Best Passport Rankings for 2020, developed in cooperation with Best Citizenships and World Citizenship Council (WCC). Our study looks into visa restrictions on passports of 199 passports to 196 countries (territories excluded). Our model looks beyond visas, such as dual passports and consular protection  abroad. These are the best and strongest passports in the world, according
  It was already dark when I took the tram to go from Gent Sint Pieters station to the hotel for the very first time, on the 21st September 2012. I had no idea about how Belgium could look like. I didn’t speak the language, my English was very bad and I left the 26 degrees of the south of Italy to meet the 12 degrees of Gent. I felt disoriented, misplaced and at the
World Citizenship Council (WCC) supports equal rights and opportunities for migrants worldwide. We stand together against discrimination and racism against migrations.   Migration offers new hope and new life Say No to discrimination and racism of migrants. Show Respect! We support equal rights and opportunities to migrants   The Impacts of Human migration on the world economy has been largely positive.   Research shows migrants are major drivers of economy providing essential skills for jobs.