We have coined a new name “Yellow Citizenship” for citizenship by investment schemes. We believe this will become a new brand for the CBI industry, which is growing at an unprecedented rate with a huge demand for passports.     The Yellow Citizenship are instant second citizenships acquired through citizenship by investment (cbi) schemes. These are passport by investment schemes offering the fastest citizenship waiving all the naturalization conditions.   Yellow citizenships are also paid
World Citizenship council celebrates its first anniversary since we launched our startup last year. To celebrate our first year, we now issue membership certificates to all members. The WCC membership certificate can be issued on business or personal names.   Sample membership certificate issued to WCC members   Registration for membership will be free of charge.   We accept membership from firms and individuals, governments, non-profit organizations related to immigration, citizenship, refugees/ statelessness.   Here
A new Hotel Citizenship (HC)  platform has been introduced to the CBI industry, a revolutionary new idea to connect hoteliers and buyers, with the citizenship perk. The new technology innovation is expected to take CBI industry to another level, which already attracts billions in hotel investment.   The platform introduces decentralized the hotel ownership to public by selling rooms in a luxury five star hotels and resorts. This also includes holding equity shares in hotels. This means
A new tool has been launched to compare the prices of citizenship by investment (CBI) programs, making it easy for citizenship buyers look for the cheapest and most affordable CBI schemes.   Family members have a big impact on the pricing of citizenship by investment schemes.   This new price comparison tool will show you the estimates of prices for 10 countries for donation route and real estate route. The breakdown of estimated fees will
Globalisation has changed the world to unprecedented levels.  Before 1920’s there was no requirement to carry passports to travel around. It was only after the WWI passports were introduced to control mass migration. Today passports have come a long way achieving gold status.     We live in a world where the unthinkable happens! Billion dollar startup like Airbnb, Uber dont own piece of real estate or cars, yet they control most of the world’s