• The World Citizenship Awards

    The World Citizenship Council is is launching “World Citizen Award” which will be given to distinguished individuals who have achieved outstanding achievements in doing charity work related to immigration, poverty, food program etc considering benefits of the humanity. This award will be given every year with a certificate and price money received from council donations […]

  • WCC Proposes Policy changes to Vanuatu CIP

    The World Citizenship Council proposes major policy changes to government on the citizenship by investment programs to preserve its visa waiver agreement with the European Union and protect the free movement of all the citizens.. The European commission has proposed full visa waiver suspension regard to all citizens of Vanuatu holding an ordinary passport issued by Vanuatu […]

  • Time for Agents to Step up Due Diligence

    Oxford Analytica recently published a report: Due Diligence in Investment Migration, within which details the minimum recommended industry standard for the investment migration market. This report is co-authored by the IMC, BD, Exiger and Refinitiv. Harod is one of the providers for due diligence (DD) in this market and as such is experienced in the quality of […]